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Bold Aloof Defiant Quiet

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This is a cat with whom it may be difficult to form a close bond. The BADQ is confident independent and not particularly affectionate. This is a cat that can be easy to live with until you have a difference of opinion. A defiant natured cat prefers to be in control, and in the case of a conflict of interest, active resistance is more likely than a go-along-to get-along attitude. Quiet communication style using the more subtle language of posture, gesture, and expression means a friendly human advance, ignoring what to her are clear warnings, may be greeted with a sharp claw or tooth. A bold cat is more likely to stand ground than slip away quietly to avoid conflict. The BADQ cat is less likely than the vocal BADV to voice displeasure and more likely to give you a swat.

The BADQ would not be an obviously unattractive kitten however, as an adult, a first time cat owner who has the misfortune of acquiring a kitten of this temperament type, may decide that cats are everything their detractors claim of them, independent, unpredictable, and interested only in what service a person can provide for them. A bold quiet kitten, does not run when approached and does not discourage attention in an obvious manner. Normal kitten curiosity and playful energy would make this the most approachable time of life. You might detect a bit of defiance when you handle a BADQ kitten and it struggles to get away. Or if you watch for interaction with litter mates, you may notice that this confident independent kitten tends to wander away from the group and invent solitary games.

The BADQ may be a brooding presence when confined as an indoor cat. A bold nature will make this cat want to explore and conquer new territory. The limits of the indoor environment may be frustrating, and your friendly advances may be annoying since there is minimal need for attention and companionship, and a preference for adventure and novelty. Sharing a confined space with other cats dogs and kids may be asking to much of the BADQ cat; inappropriate elimination, aggression towards cats or people , or other outward manifestations of inner turmoil may result.

Still, these BAD cats can become admired and respected companions. The establishment of a good relationship requires mutual respect, time, and good communication skills. Appreciation of subtle feline sign language is especially important with the BADQ. This is not a cat you want to push beyond her limited tolerance for contact. The BADQ is not a lap cat, but can be an attractive, intelligent, low maintenance member of the household. She just "needs her space"
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