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Pet Insurance

Have you thought about purchasing a policy that will insure that you have the resources you need to manage expected and unexpected health care costs for your cat?

There are now several companies offering insurance for pets. We highly recommend that you do your own research to find the plan that works best for you. As you compare companies these are the features you will want to focus upon:

  • Deducibile
  • Covered Medical Conditions
  • Reimbursement Method
  • Wellness Options

It is best to purchase a policy when your cat is young and healthy (cats >9 years of age may no longer be eligible for enrollment in illness plans) and then maintain coverage for a lifetime (some companies offer a program that reduces the decutctible for every year without a medical claim). If your cat never has a major medical problem you can count yourself among the very fortunate and the peace of mind alone is worth the price of the premium.

These are some companies you may want to consider:



Early intervention can keep little problems from turning into big problems!

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