innocent fresh view point
Beginning, Spontaneity, Faith, Apparent Folly
Action, Conscious Awareness, Concentration, Power
Nonaction, Unconscious Awareness, Potential, Mystery
Mothering, Abundance, Senses, Nature
Fathering, Structure, Authority, Regulation
Education, Belief Systems, Conformity, Group Identification
Relationship, Sexuality, Personal Beliefs, Values
Strength, Patience, Compassion, Soft Control
Victory, Will, Self-Assertion, Hard Control
Destiny, Turning Point, Movement, Personal Vision
Justice, Responsibility, Decision, Cause and Effect
Introspection, Searching, Guidance, Solitude
Letting Go, Reversal, Suspension, Sacrifice
Ending, Transition, Elimination, Inexorable Forces
Temperance, Balance, Health, Combination
Bondage, Materialism, Ignorance, Hopelessness
Sudden Change, Release, Downfall, Revelation
Hope, Inspiration, Generosity, Serenity
Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Bewilderment
Enlightenment, Greatness, Vitality, Assurance
Judgment, Rebirth, Inner Calling, Absolution
Integration, Accomplishment, Involvement, Fulfillment

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