Emotional Force, Intuition, Intimacy, Love
Connection, Truce, Attraction
Exuberance, Friendship, Community
Self-Absorption, Apathy, Going Within
Loss Bereavement, Regret
Good Will, Innocence, Childhood
Wishful Thinking, Options, Dissipation
Deeper Meaning, Moving On, Weariness
Wish Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Sensual Pleasure
Joy, Peace, Family
Be Emotional, Be Intuitive, Be Intimate, Be Loving
Romantic-Overemotional, Imaginative-Fanciful, Sensitive-Tempermental, Refined-Overrefined, Introspective-Introverted
Loving, Tenderhearted, Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual
Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, Tolerant

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