Mental Force, Truth, Justice, Fortitude
Blocked Emotions, Avoidance, Stalemate
Heartbreak, Loneliness, Betrayal
Rest, Contemplation, Quiet Preparation
Self-Interest, Discord, Open Dishonor
The Blues, Recovery, Travel
Running Away, Lone-Wolf Style, Hidden Dishonor
Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness
Worry Guilt, Anguish
Bottoming Out, Victim Mentality, Martyrdom
Use Your Mind, Be Truthful, Be Just, Have Fortitude
Direct-Blunt, Authoritative-Overbearing, Incisive-Cutting, Knowledgeable-Opinionated, Logical-Unfeeling
Honest, Astute, Forthright, Witty, Experienced
Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, Ethical

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