Creative Force, Enthusiam, Confidence, Courage
Personal Power, Boldness, Originality
Exploration, Foresight, Leadership
Celebration, Freedom, Excitement
Disagreement, Competition, Hassles
Triumph, Acclaim, Pride
Aggression, Defiance, Conviction
Quick Action, Conclusion, News
Defensiveness, Perserverance, Stimina
Overextending, Burdens, Struggle
Be Creative, Be Enthusiastic, Be Confident, Be Courageous
Charming-Superficial, Self Confident-Cocky, Daring-Foolhardy, Adventurous-Restless, Passionate-Hot Tempered
Attractive, Wholehearted, Energetic, Cheerful, Self-Assured
Creative, Inspiring, Forceful, Charismatic, Bold

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